Human Resources

HR Policy

Human resources are our biggest capital. SMM Textile fulfills its objectives thanks to the strength arising from its human resources. It proceeds with the understanding that mutual trust and respect prevail and that participation, diversity, and multilateralism are encouraged. One of our fundamental goals is to recruit qualified human resources prone to our corporate culture and to ensure the continuous personal development and motivation of the employees.

Our Group, which consists of companies from various sectors and disciplines, has a flexible structure with human resources policies suitable for the unique conditions and requirements of the companies. SMM Tekstil believes that novel and creative opportunities can be taken if it blends different perspectives and know-how.

Our Human Resources Policy covers the following:

  • The policy aims to employ the right people for the right job.
  • Information sharing is essential. Managers at all levels are obliged to train their staff.
  • To ensure that all tasks in the organization are duly performed, the policy supposes that each task is defined precisely and clearly. The competencies and qualifications required by employees who will perform these tasks are specified.
  • The power of the authority and responsibilities that employees at all levels should have while performing their duties are clearly determined.
  • Managers are required to create a working environment based on affection, respect, and trust for their staff.
  • The vacant positions are primarily filled with staff/employees qualified within the Group.
  • Employees take advantage of the Group’s opportunities and benefits in a fair and objective way and in proportion to their knowledge, experience, and capabilities.
  • All employes in the Group are responsible for completing their duties during working hours, and it is our Group policy to allow overtime working only temporarily and in mandatory situations.
  • Ensuring internal communication is fundamental as a function that promotes operation speed and efficiency.
  • Believing that novel ideas and opportunities can be created by blending diverse perspectives and knowledge, we carefully review and evaluate suggestions, opinions, and ideas from all employees.
  • Nepotism is not allowed.
  • We believe that training, an enabler that increases efficiency and motivation, is necessary and useful for employees at all levels.

Career Opportunities

Our Group announces career opportunities through advertisements on the corporate website, media bodies such as select newspapers, magazines, and Internet-based portals offering recruitment services. SMM Textile coordinates human resources management, and most of our companies have their own human resources department. To provide guidance to the Group companies, the Group Human Resources Department conducts research, develops projects, organizes training programs, and manages the reporting and recruiting processes. Our human resources policy allows the Group companies with human resources departments to create their own application pools, while the Group HR Department to establish a central application pool. Candidates may follow the below procedure to reach our Group.

Internship Opportunities

The Internship program is open to all students who want to do an internship within our Group, to consolidate their theoretical knowledge in a real working environment, to gain experience, and to obtain preliminary information about business life. You can apply from the link below.

Please click here to access the application form.

We will evaluate applications made electronically and conduct face-to-face interviews with eligible candidates.

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